School for Happiness

Some people define Metamedicine as a philosophy of life, others as psychosomatic medicine, others still as an emotional medicine or that of the soul. Everyone agrees however that it is, before and above all, an awakening of the conscience which brings people who commit to this path to an improved mastery of life.

Metamedicine is not intedended as a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor/physician, therapist or psychiatrist. However, it can be an effective support and integration of a personal evolutionary path. Its aim is personal introspection and encourages better collaboration between patient and doctor. Metamedicine consultants do not perform diagnostic activities, do not prescribe medications and do not replace the referenced roles. A Metamedicine consultant is trained to listen deeply and guide the person to become aware of the cause of the emotional, physical and mental dynamics through the keys of Metamedicine; he/she accompanies you to free yourself and regain your own harmony.