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Claudia Rainville

claudia rainville metamedicina

Claudia Rainville is the founder of Metamedicine.

It is not possible to separate the ups and downs of her life from the origin of Metamedicine as her own life experience contributed to its creation.

Claudia was born in Québec into a modest family. Her father was absent and her mother had various jobs in order to maintain the family.

Her sensitivity meant she closed herself in her world, dedicated to the study of biology and microbiology. In 1982 she was called by the Pierre Boucher hospital in Longueuil to participate in the creation of the microbiology department.

Terrible feelings of loneliness and being misunderstood by her family meant she decided to put an end to her life.

At the age of 32 she was declared clinically dead after attempting suicide. After this painful experience Claudia decided to start a new life and in August 1984 met Lise Bourbeau and turned over a new leaf, volunteering full time in her centre “Écoute ton corps” (“Listen to your body”).

In 1985 she opened the first branch of Écoute ton corps and became Lise Bourbeau’s co-animator for her training course for animators of the method. At the beginning of 1986 she became project coordinator for the centre.

In June 1986 Claudia left Écoute ton corps in order to express the creativity she had withheld in order to remain faithful to Lise.

She then founded the centre for inner harmony “L’Éveil Radieux” (The Radiant Awakening) where she carried out individual and group therapy.

She studied the workings of the limbic brain and created the seminar Liberation of the Emotional Memory (LEM) which has and still enables thousands of people to transform their lives.




In the spring of 1988, after a series of financial problems with her centre, she received a message she had to go overseas where her “master” was awaiting to initiate her.

All she knew was that she had to go to Findhorn Gardens but she was sure she had to leave. In order to do this she left everything behind: her children, her friends and family and the centre she had given her heart and soul to.

This odyssey, that Claudia writes about in her book “My Life for the Light – From Depression to Happiness”, took her to the south of India where she met His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This meeting was to have a huge impact on her life as His Holiness the Dalai Lama became her point of reference, her role model, the one to inspire and make Metamedicine a tool of Compassion and Awakening of the conscience.

livre participer a luniverse

On 14th September 1989 Claudia Rainville published her first book “Participating in the Universe – Healthy in Body and Spirit” (Parteciper è l’Univers – Sain de corps et d’Esprit). This book, revisited and enriched, became Métamédecine La guérison à votre portée in 1995 (Every Symptom is a Message) which is her best seller, translated into various languages. Click here to see one of the first video interviews with Claudia (in French).

In 1991 she felt the need to go to India again. This time she saw Master Sathya Saï Baba again, met the Great Master of Béas, trained at Brahma Kumaris University, met Mother Theresa of Calcutta and participated in a course on Buddhism with a wise lama before meeting again with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Since then, Claudia Rainville has written many books which have been translated into various languages and has held seminars in several countries, trained hundreds of people in her approach. Many have been inspired to open their own associations, write books themselves or revive the seminars with slightly different titles.

Claudia currently continues to hold Metamedicine training seminars in Italy and other countries as well as continuing to write and spread her values with the intention of creating a new world.

Metamedicine is not intedended as a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor/physician, therapist or psychiatrist. However, it can be an effective support and integration of a personal evolutionary path. Its aim is personal introspection and encourages better collaboration between patient and doctor. Metamedicine consultants do not perform diagnostic activities, do not prescribe medications and do not replace the referenced roles. A Metamedicine consultant is trained to listen deeply and guide the person to become aware of the cause of the emotional, physical and mental dynamics through the keys of Metamedicine; he/she accompanies you to free yourself and regain your own harmony.