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The Metamedicine Course


  • Liberation of the Emotional Memory (20 hours)

  • Develop your Creative Potential (14 hours)

  • Dare to be Yourself (14 hours)

  • Mental – Ego (14 hours)

  • Eating Disorders  (7 hours)

  • Open the Doors to Abundance  (20 hours)


These seminars can be attended both with a focus on personal growth and as part of training in Metamedicine.

Consultant training

The Liberation of the Emotional Memory seminar must be completed in order to begin training.

It is possible for anyone interested in further exploring Metamedicine to participate in all the seminars below:

  • Meta 1: Self Discovery (45 hours – Prerequisite: LME)

  • Meta 2: Self Awakening (45 hours – Prerequisite: LME and preferably Meta 1)

  • Meta 3: The Language of our Ailments (45 hours – Prerequisite: Meta 2 and preferably Anatomy and Physiology)

  • Meta 4: Consults in Metamedicine (45 hours – Prerequisite: Meta 2)

  • LMS or Liberation of the Memory of the Soul (20 hours – Prerequisite Meta 2)


It is advised that Meta 2 and Meta 4 are repeated at least once.

There is no predefined timescale to complete training in Metamedicine. Every participant can follow the course at their own pace. It is, above all, a course in personal growth, so it is important to consider that an integration period is necessary.

After participating in the seminars above, a place in the list for evaluation by Claudia Rainville can be requested. This evaluation takes the form of a consult in the presence of the founder herself.

So it will be Claudia Rainville who decides whether a person masters the keys to Metamedicine sufficiently to receive Consultant Certification or the qualification of Help Person. If not, the person will receive feedback on the points needing strengthening and will be encouraged to continue practicing and try again at a later date.


Animators training


Being a Metamedicine Consultant with at least one year’s practice. Participation in Training for Assistants and Animators with Yvan Hérin, training manager.

Whoever decides to train to become animator should contact Yan Hérin for the course of action to take (co-leading, assistance), for all seminars.

Metamedicine is not intedended as a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor/physician, therapist or psychiatrist. However, it can be an effective support and integration of a personal evolutionary path. Its aim is personal introspection and encourages better collaboration between patient and doctor. Metamedicine consultants do not perform diagnostic activities, do not prescribe medications and do not replace the referenced roles. A Metamedicine consultant is trained to listen deeply and guide the person to become aware of the cause of the emotional, physical and mental dynamics through the keys of Metamedicine; he/she accompanies you to free yourself and regain your own harmony.