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What is Metamedicine?

The word Metamedicine is formed by the Greek prefix meta which means “beyond” and by the noun medicine which indicates those means used to prevent, heal and alleviate illness.

The word meta in Sanskrit means love and compassion

Some people define Metamedicine as a philosophy of life, others as psychosomatic medicine, others still as an emotional medicine or that of the soul. Everyone agrees however that it is above all the medicine of an awakening of the conscience.

Metamedicine goes beyond the simple removal of pain or the disappearance of symptoms, focusing on the identification of the emotional cause responsible for the disorder.

Metamedicine helps reconstruct the story behind a disorder, an illness or a deep rooted ailment by identifying, as far as is possible, the appearance of the first symptoms. In order to do this key questions are used to guide the “pertinent discusison” necessary to go to the origin of the disorder.



When a diagnosis is necessary, intervention to correct a dysfunction or repair tissue, allopathic medicine, which has deductive, masculine characteristics, can do its job successfully. The road to self-healing does not mean no longer needing doctors or treatment. Our body can need help to repair the damaged parts.

As long as we intervene only on the physical symptom, the cause will remain and propagate, like a weed pulled out without its roots.

A Metamedicine consultant does not diagnose or give medication. They use a series of pertinent questions to accompany the person to identify and recognize the cause for their suffering. Hippocrates said “before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that made him sick”

Readers will notice that Claudia Rainville makes suggestions in her writing, in the form of questions, the “keys”.

Mastering the keys of Metamedicine means being capable of using the left and right hemispheres, both logical and intuitive, analysis and all-round vision.




Socrates’ mother was a midwife. The philosopher was inspired by his mother’s work and developed the dialogue: he affirmed that the truth cannot be taught but everyone has the job of discovering and “giving birth to” their own truth.

In the same way, in a consultation, the question gives the person the freedom and time to reflect on their own life experience.

In Metamedicine deductions are not made, the consultant is “aware they do not know” and aims to accompany the person to go back and identify when the symptom appeared, the moment it manifested and above all the emotions and feelings the person experienced at that context.


It is possible to train to become a consultant and an animator of Metamedicine seminars.

Metamedicine is also a large family united by the ideology “together for the whole and for the best for each of us”

In our group there is no hierarchy but an organization more similar to that of a beehive.

In Metamedicine each person has their role, which they carry out with dedication and passion in order for everything to work. Every member of the family is encouraged to find their place, express their talents with a spirit of collaboration and reciprocal support.

Being part of a group like this requires a certain maturity and group conscience.

If you want take part in developing a new model of society, welcome to Metamedicine!

Metamedicine is not intedended as a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor/physician, therapist or psychiatrist. However, it can be an effective support and integration of a personal evolutionary path. Its aim is personal introspection and encourages better collaboration between patient and doctor. Metamedicine consultants do not perform diagnostic activities, do not prescribe medications and do not replace the referenced roles. A Metamedicine consultant is trained to listen deeply and guide the person to become aware of the cause of the emotional, physical and mental dynamics through the keys of Metamedicine; he/she accompanies you to free yourself and regain your own harmony.